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HoCoSo launches Hospitality Resilience Study

News Story / 19 April 2021

Worldwide: Hospitality leaders are invited to take part in an online study to understand the factors that contribute to personal resilience in the industry and identify key resilience indicators.

Event review: RECHARGE 2020 Barcelona

News Story / 24 January 2020

Spain: Hospitality and real estate professionals from around Europe braved the might of Storm Gloria for the third staging of International Hospitality Media's uniquely collaborative RECHARGE event.

The HoCoSo Experience-Community Spectrum

Feature / 16 December 2019

Jonathan Humphries of HoCoSo reveals the common dominator in all successful hospitality real estate projects - the experience community.

Up close and personal with Jonathan Humphries, HoCoSo and Glion Institute of Higher Education

Feature / 07 November 2019

In the latest of a regular series, we find out what makes some of the leading figures in the serviced apartment and aparthotel sectors tick. This time, we speak to Jonathan Humphries, chairman and owner of consultants HoCoSo, and head of international hotel development and asset management specialisations at Glion Institute of Higher Education.

“Co-everything” - what’s going on?

Feature / 20 January 2019

Jonathan Humphries looks at the proliferation of "co-words" in the travel and hospitality space, based on reflections generated by a keynote presentation he delivered on future hospitality trends at Marriott International's General Manager's Annual Conference in Amman, Jordan in January, 2019.

Future trends in apartment living

Blog Post / 20 February 2018

New technology, lifestyle trends and environmental pressures: the world is changing fast and consumers with it. What does this mean for the providers of long-stay apartments? Dexter Moren Associates sum up the findings of the session.

Serviced apartments: innovative approaches for extended-stay travel

Feature / 29 November 2017

When it comes to the serviced apartment sector, as land prices rise, the trend is for smaller size units - and that's posing a challenge for designers: what to keep within the room or apartment, and what to move into possible communal areas.

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