Apache Capital launches £1.6 billion single-family rental initiative

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 19 May 2021


UK: Apache Capital has launched Present Made, described as the UK's first branded, purpose-built single-family build-to-rent platform.

Present Made will develop, own and operate an initial pipeline of 3,000 suburban homes in three locations in the Oxford-Cambridge crescent. The development programme, based on modular construction, is valued at £1.6 billion.

Apache says its ESG-led development agenda will include biophilic designs, amenities and services intended to help promote mental and physical health and wellbeing, as well as sustainable living.

The move into single-family completes Apache’s suite of residential investments, joining its ventures in senior living, PBSA and multi-family BTR through its £2 billion investment in Moda Living.

“Four years in the making, Present Made from the outset has been designed around our future residents' needs and the growing importance of ESG considerations to both our residents and investors alike,” said Apache Capital managing director Richard Jackson.

Present Made communities will feature soft play areas for children as well as on-site dining, working and exercise facilities.

The same family-oriented challenge is now being tentatively taken up by developers of standard multifamily BTR.



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