PREM Group launches PS Life services suite

Miles Hurley Miles Hurley Uploaded 10 February 2020


Ireland: Hospitality management company PREM Group has launched PS Life, a new initiative for its serviced apartments.

The company, responsible for the Premier Suites brand, operates 16 units across the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands and Belgium.

PS Life offers an additional suite of home-like services, including PS Social, Homegrown Greens, and pet-friendly and wellbeing facilities. Each individual element hopes to provide both community and long-stay amenities for potential guests.  

The company’s PS Social program offers a communication platform for guests, allowing them to arrange social activities within the property. This aims to craft a greater sense of community among extended stay guests.

The wellbeing program includes facilities and resources to help guests stay both on their usual diet and exercise regimens, with things like Yoga Mats and running maps of a city available on request. Homegrown Greens helps with nutrition by allowing guests to pick herbs and greens for their own cooking from a garden free of charge.

For those who miss the embrace of a furry friend, pets are welcome in any extended stay suite longer than 28 days. For those who worry about the mess a pet may create, deep cleaning is available for any apartment before and after new stays come in.  

Prem Group CEO Jim Murphy said: “We want to make our guests feel happy and we recognise that the routines they have in their life don’t have to be broken just because they are away. That is why we introduced PS Life so that people can include the normal activities that form part of their daily life while away.” 

This is another piece of big news for Prem Group, who announced an opening in Amsterdam this January. The group also signed a development contract with IHG in November to improve its offerings in the Benelux region.



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