Citadines Apart'hotels plans to add 12,000+ rooms to inventory

Paul Stevens Paul Stevens Uploaded 26 July 2020


Worldwide: Citadines Apart'hotels has announced plans to add more than 12,000 rooms [12,597] to its inventory in the coming years, with 69 projects in its current global pipeline.

In this calendar year, Citadines is aiming to open 22 new aparthotels with 3,666 rooms, and in 2021, it has 18 projects in its pipeline to offer another 2,711 rooms. In 2022, it plans to open 13 properties holding 2,119 rooms and a year later, another six properties and 1,072 rooms are set to be added to its inventory, with the company also planning beyond then.

However, the company's plans have been significantly hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and it is unclear how much this this will affect its expected openings. At the time of writing, only six projects are in the pre-opening phase this year.

Citadines is specifically targeting the APAC region for growth. Of its 69 current projects, 63 are being developed in Asia, along with four in Europe and one each in North and South America.

China represents the company's key market for expanding the brand, with 25 projects providing 4,355 rooms in the offing. Behind China, the Philippines is the next fastest growing national market with eight properties, ahead of Malaysia and Indonesia [six hotels each] and Thailand [five].

Shanghai is set to welcome four new Citadines aparthotels, followed by Thai resort destination Pattaya [three], Chengdu, Manila and Wuhan [two each]. 

Some of the other more notable planned openings include a new 326-room serviced residence, Citadines Flatiron Phnom Penh, in Phnom Penh City Centre, Cambodia, and Citadines Waterfront Kota Kinabalu, a short drive from Kota Kinabalu International Airport in Malaysia. 


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