BridgeStreet teams up with Worldpay

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 12 April 2018


US: BridgeStreet has selected Worldpay as its online payments provider for EMEA.

BridgeStreet said it needed a a solution was needed to establish consistency in the billing process and mitigate currency confusion for its 5,000+ international clients.

Sean Worker, BridgeStreet's CEO, said: "This partnership is the natural progression of our commitment to delivering a seamless and secure travel experience. The ability for BridgeStreet to be borderless with Worldpay is another step forward for our industry. Business needs to travel, and we're here to make it easy."

Thomas Helldorff, VP travel and airlines at Worldpay said: "We are delighted to be supporting BridgeStreet as the company embarks on this exciting period of its growth journey. As the world's leading payment provider we are committed to being a true partner, not only providing BridgeStreet with a reliable and secure payments platform that accepts over 300 payment types and 126 currencies across the globe but also sharing our deep knowledge and insight of the global travel and payments industry as they enter new markets"

With Worldpay, BridgeStreet can quickly launch into new markets with the right set of payment methods. An optimised payment set-up will also ensure high acceptance rates while tailored risk and fraud systems keep charge-backs at bay.

"The partnership goes hand in hand with BridgeStreet's technology backbone that's spurring major growth. Confidence and ease in payments is not just great for our business travellers around the world, it's a service to our supplier network that appreciates the additional layers of protection we provide," said Aaron Turner, BridgeStreet chief technology officer.


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