Apartment platform WWStay adds meetings offer

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 03 September 2019


India: WWStay has added meetings to its portfolio of corporate housing and serviced apartment units available for booking.

The new platform, WWMeetz, leverages WWStay's existing relationships with 140,000 properties across 170 countries. According to co-founder and CEO Rajeev Goswami, many of these properties are at least three-star and are meetings ready.

WWMeetz provides a sourcing service supported by a team of meetings professionals. Users enter their meeting requirements, and the meetings team returns selections from the WWStay network, offering side-by-side comparisons on factors like sleeping rooms, meeting rooms, rates, services and amenities. Goswami said WWMeetz also can pull in corporate preferred hotels from the global distribution system to meet customer requirements.

It also offers integrated payment capability and reporting. "Our focus is very simple: We want to provide an end-to-end experience to the customer," Goswami said.

Three WWStay clients — one in IT, one pharmaceutical company and one consulting company — tested the platform over the past seven months and provided feedback to help WWStay refine the WWMeetz offering. As a result, the company said, the platform can be customised, even for companies in highly regulated verticals such as pharma or finance, as well as companies with high volumes of small meetings.

"The idea is that with such large volume, we provide a team that works with technology to fulfill it very quickly," said Goswami. "We find that customers are happy to hand over everything to us and get all the things done: reporting, tracking, payments."


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