Airbnb tops brand advocacy poll

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 19 December 2016


UK: YouGov’s latest BrandIndex research shows that Airbnb customers are the strongest advocates of any brand

The BrandIndex looks at brands' current and former global users and analyses which brands had the highest proportion of customers them to a family member or friend.

Airbnb tops the list, with a score of 73.9, and is the only hospitality brand to make the top 10, although the travel industry is represented by Universal Studios Orlando, Disney World Florida, Singapore Airlines and

YouGov says the result "underlines how the company has helped revolutionise the travel industry since its inception".

Second and third on the list are Universal Studios Orlando and, which scored 73.7 and 71.6 respectively.

Sarah Murphy, director at YouGov BrandIndex, said: "A recommendation from friends or family is one of the strongest votes of confidence it is possible to give to a brand. Having consumer advocates is especially powerful when it comes to the travel sector, where people spend a lot of money and want to guarantee a perfect experience for them and their loved ones."


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