Work starts on Ormskirk aparthotel

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 15 March 2021


UK: Work is under way on the £3 million conversion of Ormskirk’s former court building into an aparthotel.

Developer and operator Walker&Williams has revealed plans for the Derby Street building which will include positioning bar staff in what was once the dock and seating booths in the old cells.

The family-run Lancashire business bought the site from the government for £480,000 after competing with more than 20 developers to win the tender.

Work is underway on the building, which first opened in 1850, into a venue which Max Walker-Williams hopes will benefit the town.

He said: “One of the things we think is most important is that what we’re doing is the opposite to a regular block of flats or student flats in that anyone can come in and enjoy it. Anyone can come in, have a nice cup of tea, a meal or stay the night. It’s all well and good having a beautiful building but not if it can’t be enjoyed by everyone. Ormskirk is crying out for a hotel. It’s the only town of its size that doesn’t have one. It’s nonsensical that it doesn’t have one.”

The courtroom itself will become the public restaurant and bar area, with bar staff positioned inside the dock and guests sat all around. Private seating booths will be created inside cells, where the panic buttons are to be converted into a way to order drinks.

Ormskirk Court Hotel will have 23 aparthotel keys, with more than 100 jobs created in a significant boost to the area.

After breaking ground this spring, works are expected to last 18 months before doors open to the public.


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