Vision adds Lucerne apartments

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 23 January 2020


Switzerland: VISIONAPARTMENTS has opened its conversion of the former Hotel Fox in Lucerne, adding 60 apartments to its portfolio.

The company purchased the property and has developed 60 fully furnished rooms, partly with kitchenettes. In addition to the accommodation, the building will offer a sauna and an external restaurant. Ancillary costs, Wi-Fi, digital TV and weekly cleaning will be included in the rental price.

Lucerne is one of the most popular tourism destinations in Switzerland, and the Canton of Lucerne also offers firms the lowest corporate tax rate in Switzerland. “Thanks to the entrepreneurial-friendly environment and the central setting, our new VISIONAPARTMENS’ site is very promising. The local, national and international vibe can be found all over the city,” said Pawel Gawor, CEO of VISIONAPARTMENTS Management Services GmbH. “On top of that, Lucerne is equally a cultural hub with various key activities that attract leisure travellers in need of a prime location. We are extremely excited to open our first rooms in Lucerne.”

As part of the development of this planned project, VISIONAPARTMENTS installed its own furniture in the building. The previous hotel equipment was all donated to Remar, a charity organisation that operates street kitchens, children and womens shelters and helps drug abusers to find a way out of their addiction. The furniture donated by VISIONAPARTMENTS was sold in one of the Remar second-hand stores, helping to finance the charitable projects.



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