UK hospitality sector could lose 700,000 EU workers post-Brexit

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 17 January 2017


UK: BHA CEO Ufi Ibrahim has highlighted the potential staffing crisis facing the hospitality industry after Brexit.

Speaking at the Master Innholders General Managers Conference in London yesterday, Ibrahim said: "At a very conservative estimate, 15 per cent of the UK hospitality work force are from the European Union. In some areas, such as London, that figure is much higher. This equates to at least 700,000 people working in hospitality, who will potentially need to be replaced after Brexit. This is a substantial threat to our industry."

Ibrahim also said that the post-referendum depreciation in the value of the und has not resulted in the expected boost to UK tourism. "In fact tourism numbers and tourism spend has fallen, while out bound tourism has increased," said Ibrahim. "We can not rely on exchange rate fluctuation to make the UK a competitive tourism market," she added.


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