Prague developer to launch fractional ownership apartment business

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 07 January 2019


Czech Republic: Prague property developer Starter Homes s.r.o. has announced plans to bring fractional real estate ownership to the apartment rental sector.

The company plans to raise funds through an DSO Digital Security Offering. The funds will be used to build a global "business class" apartment rental chain, and "become the trusted goto brand worldwide for apartment rental, the same standard of apartments and apartment buildings across the globe".

Starter Homes say it has "identified the gap and the need for one brand which customers can trust to provide the same standard of quality and design and style of apartments and apartment buildings throughout the world".

The apartments will be aimed at millennial and corporate customers.

The Starter Homes digital security token will be linked to the real estate, enabling fractionally real estate ownership, Starter Homes "aims to give everybody regardless of budget the opportunity of real estate ownership. The DSO will furthermore give rental customers the opportunity to purchase the Starter Homes crypto security tokens".

The business model is "to be a self fulfilling prophecy where multiple DSO funding rounds will raise capital which will be used to buy or build apartment buildings which will subsequently be rented out and income used to combine with subsequent DSO rounds to raise more capital to build or buy more apartment buildings for rental across the globe, creating a worldwide network and property portfolio".

The real estate rental income combined with the capital appreciation of the property portfolio and its growth potential "is expected to have a positive effect on the value of Starter Homes digital security tokens".

Starter Homes aims to attract investors across the board from traditional funds, real estate funds, pension funds, venture capitalists all the way through to private individuals irrespective of their investment capacity.

The company also says it also aims to give back by providing shelter to vulnerable people as part of fulfilling their social responsibility.

Starter Homes s.r.o. is a Prague-based Central European real estate developer founded in 2003. The company has built and sold nearly 100 properties and continues to grow the real estate development side of the business. Starter Homes see the apartment rental business as a natural evolution of the company which can leverage existing skills and experience in the organisation.


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