Ovolo hotel group unveils evolution of brand design

Miles Hurley Miles Hurley Uploaded 10 February 2020


Hong Kong: Ovolo hotel brands are moving forward with a new vision for what its hotels will look and feel like

The new vision is called Wonder.full, and is hoping to emphasize the eclectic, unique design each Ovolo hotel has.

The company partnered with branding agency THERE to help redesign and reorient many unique aspects of the brand's presentation. It is now across all elements of the business, with hotel Keycards and print ads emblazoned with new designs.

A key element of this is the introduction of in-room “loot bags,”  which hope to add to a traveller’s sense of wonder. These "Curios,” bring an element of the unusual to the hotels designs, all of which contribute to Ovolo’s own cheeky identity.

Stephen Howard, group marketing director, said: “Each unique, Ovolo hotels are famous for delivering consistently rich experiences to our guests. So, the idea of celebrating a place full of wonder was an obvious inspiration and insight to inform the brand evolution.”

The brand has also unveiled a new brand architecture- the By Ovolo Collective. These include the introduction of The Sheung Wan Central Hong Kong (formally Mojo Nomad Central) and Ovolo’s new Bali property, and most importantly, the company's Nishi Apartments complex in Canberra.

Ovolo Hotels Founder and CEO, Girish Jhunjhnuwala said: “A major component of Ovolo’s brand evolution was realigning the identity with the overall and unique hotel experience. Sophisticated yet creative and quirky interiors, and an increasingly design- savvy audience gave us an opportunity to elevate our brand whilst maintaining the innovative, disruptive yet cheeky spirit that continues to drive us in everything we do,”

This continues Ovolo group’s identity as a modern and engaging group with a mix of compelling design and comfort. The group recently purchased a property in Bali, in order to supplement their Hotel, Serviced apartment and restaurant offerings. 



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