Oakwood launches mobile app

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 14 August 2018


US: Oakwood has announced the launch of its proprietary Oakwood Mobile App.

Oakwood describes the app as "a first-of-its-kind app in the industry that streamlines how guests book and manage their travel accommodations through expanded mobile functionality".

It says users can benefit from added booking capabilities, digital document review and signing, secure payment processing and on-the-go access to all reservation details within the app.

"Oakwood's investment in the guest experience through mobile technology is part of our dedication to providing the best and most innovative technologies to meet the needs of the marketplace and our customers worldwide," said Chris Ahearn, chief executive officer, Oakwood. "As we listen to our guests and continue to learn what they need to enhance their travel experiences, we are able to respond with tools, like the Oakwood Mobile App, that give them more control over and accessibility to the details of their stays."

The Oakwood Mobile App also serves as a new channel of communication for guests, providing users with alerts and crisis notifications, and enabling them to submit service requests or contact customer care.

"As the creator of the corporate housing market in the 1960s, Oakwood is committed to reinventing the industry to respond to cultural and technological changes," said Shree Khare, vice president, information technology, Oakwood. "As part of our digital roadmap strategy, we developed this state-of-the-art mobile app by understanding and streamlining the touchpoints between our guests and Oakwood-including finding and booking an apartment, to accessing reservation details or requesting service 24/7. Guests can now manage all these aspects of their accommodations on their own, from the convenience of their phones, at any time."


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