My Place makes a stand against human trafficking

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 25 June 2019


US: My Place Hotels has partnered with Businesses Ending Slavery & Trafficking (BEST).

The partnership will allow BEST’s Inhospitable to Human Trafficking training to be available for all My Place Hotel establishments to train their staff. Beginning on June 30, the human trafficking awareness training will begin helping front line hotel staff learn how to spot the warning signs of human trafficking if they come into contact with potential victims.

“It’s important for hotel to invest the time it takes to train their staff in human trafficking awareness so employees know how to recognize the warning signs of human trafficking and they can bring potential trafficking incidents to the attention of their managers,” said Mar Brettman, executive director for BEST. “Our training clearly explains what to watch for in hotels, and it has been proven to increase the reporting of human trafficking.”

Through the new partnership with BEST, hotel employees and staff across all current and future hotel locations will have the ability to be certified through BEST’s program, which is the most comprehensive human trafficking awareness training available in the country for hospitality employees.

Beyond training, hotel employees will also be given access to resources provided by BEST to further supplement their knowledge of human trafficking.

My Place Hotels EVP/general counsel Matt Campbell, said: “Awareness and training are vital to recognising human trafficking, a practice we are committed to ending. Our new partnership with BEST will help us accomplish that by offering all employees and staff comprehensive training to recognize the signs as well as addressing them.”

Director of franchise operations Shirley Sharpe said: “Our new partnership with BEST will give us a platform to shine a light on this modern-day form of slavery and allow us to provide awareness and training to all of our employees in a way that is meaningful to our guests, our employees, our training program, and our brand.”



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