Imperial Hotel Tokyo adds serviced apartments

Hannah Rivera Hannah Rivera Uploaded 04 February 2021


Japan: The Imperial Hotel Tokyo has launched Apartments at the Imperial, its version of serviced residential accommodation.

The Imperial Hotel Tokyo has announced the launch of Apartments at The Imperial - serviced residential accommodation which utilises the resources of the hotel. The hotel in Chiyoda Ward has renovated parts of three floors of guest rooms in the tower building and turned the area into 99 serviced apartments. Reservations began on February 1, and the move-in period is scheduled to begin on March 15.

There are three types of apartments available: studio (about 30 square metres), connecting studio (about 34 square metres plus an additional 36 square metres), and premier studio (about 50 square metres). Rates are offered for both long- and short-term stays. The cost for a studio type is 360,000 yen (about £2,400) per month (including tax and service charge) and the minimum stay is five nights costing 150,000 yen (about £1,000, including tax and service charge).

Although there are no kitchens or large refrigerators in the guest rooms, the hotel offers 24-hour service by dedicated attendants. In addition, it provides meals and laundry service on a subscription basis. Imperial Hotel Ltd. expects this new service to be used as a "second workplace” by executives, as well as second homes for the wealthy.


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