Habitat Apartments wins World Travel Award for best Spanish serviced apartment provider

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 07 December 2014


Spain: Habitat Apartments has been named Spain's Leading Serviced Apartment Brand at the World Travel Awards.

Habitat Apartments was founded in 2002, with four staff and eight apartments. Today the company has 25 employees and 120 apartments in eight cities: Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Venice, Florence, Valencia, Amsterdam, and Marbella.

The company says it focuses on quality management and professionalism. It says: "The company wants to differentiate from others by focusing exactly on that, as well as a 24/7 service. Its strengths lie in its attentive customer service and easily contactable workforce - as well as the carefully selected apartments themselves. The company's concept for the future is to let selected apartments in the ten most touristic cities in Europe. So it plans to spread out to Berlin, Paris and London. But first, Habitat Apartments wants to strengthen their leading position regarding to its service in the current cities, especially in Spain."



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