Furnished Quarters revamps online client and guest portal

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 09 May 2018


US: Furnished Quarters has launched MyFQ 2.0, described as “a complete evolution of its previous guest and client portal”.

The revamped portal has a new look and functionality that prioritises the guest experience.

Furnished Quarters says: "MyFQ 2.0's user-friendly interface provides a mobile, interactive resource for important stay information such as arrival instructions, WiFi credentials, building details and troubleshooting guides. The application fits the needs and expectations of today's constantly connected guests whose lives are strongly integrated with smartphones."

"With improved mobile-friendliness and access to all the information our guests could possibility need, MyFQ 2.0 is the accessible, robust tool our residents have been waiting for," said Cory Haber, Furnished Quarters' vice president of technology and main architect of the portal.

Guests can submit housekeeping and maintenance requests within the tool and check their real-time status at any given time. The information contained in the application is highly specific to the city, building and apartment in which each guest is residing. Users can check the local weather, learn about the building and its amenities, navigate a map of the area and discover nearby businesses offering special discounts via Furnished Quarters' Friends with Benefits program. Full integration with Salesforce ensures this information stays current and accurate.

Previously, guests received a paper Welcome Kit in their furnished apartment containing much of the information that is now contained within MyFQ 2.0. By abandoning these Welcome Kits and transitioning to digital assets, Furnished Quarters is furthering its green initiative to use less paper, create less waste and minimise the company's carbon footprint.

"MyFQ 2.0 allows our guests constant access to information and communication, with the added benefit of saving the company time, costs and resources and reducing negative impact on the environment," said Brian Terry, vice president of operations at Furnished Quarters. "It's a win-win for all involved."

MyFQ's next update will incorporate SMS messaging with two-way communication capability.


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