Furnished Quarters launches rewards programme for Q&A

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 28 June 2016


US:Furnished Quarters is to launch a guest affinity programme, Q&A Perks, as an added benefit to its Q&A Residential Hotel guests.

Q&A Perks is modelled on Furnished Quarters' successful FQ Perks programme, which it describes as one of the most extensive guest affinity programmes in the corporate housing industry.

For Q&A Perks, Furnished Quarters has teamed up with several prominent partners located near Q&A Residential Hotel in Mahattan's Financial District, including Uber, Equinox Spa, The Seaport District, Barthman Jewellers, Dig Inn Seasonal Market, Maple, and The Ride. These partners offer Q&A guests a range of exclusive offers and preferred services, ranging from discounted fees and ticket prices to complimentary products or services. Taking advantage of Q&A Perks can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings per visit.

"After the success of the FQ Perks programme, it made sense to establish Q&A Perks as well," said Craig Partin, chief sales officer for Furnished Quarters. "Like our original perks programme, Q&A Perks will offer a wide range of value-added services and products to our guests in a manner that we expect to remain unparalleled in the industry. We are confident that the new perks program will help our guests explore New York City and will provide yet another compelling reason to stay at Q&A Residential Hotel."

Like its sister programme FQ Perks, Q&A Perks' primary goal is "to offer hand-selected, carefully curated recommendations, such as preferential treatment, deals, and discounts that are available only for Q&A Residential Hotel guests". Q&A Perks cover services that guests might need during their stay, including food delivery and restaurant discounts, transportation deals, entertainment savings and shopping vouchers.

Guests can get details about Q&A Perks at the Q&A front desk, or discover a full list of available Q&A Perks via the Q&A Residential Hotel mobile app. Guests can also use the Q&A app to look up details about their apartment, view local attractions and restaurants, schedule wake up calls, and view public transportation information. The app can be downloaded in the App Store or Google Play.



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