Forenom to open Malmo apartments in November

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 23 May 2019


Sweden: Forenom will open a new aparthotel in Malmö’s Western Harbour in November 2019.

The property will be in Swedish shipbuilder Kockums' former administration building, near the heart of the city. It will feature 97 apartments of different sizes, ranging from 15 to 42 square metres, with fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms.

The building in the Varvsstaden district was built in 1912 and was designed by Malmö architect Axel Stenberg. It is of significant cultural and historical value and many of its original features will be retained.

Each unit has its own character, with original features from their former roles. One example is the old boardroom, which is clad in wooden panelling typical of the 1920s. In another room, the safe from 1910 still stands.

"This type of conversion of an older, grandiose building is a philosophical as well as an economic decision," said Annika Öman, property project director at Forenom. "A conversion rather than a new build is definitely not something you choose to do because it's cheaper, but possibly because you appreciate a challenge."

The building's original windows have been retained and restored. The interior doors have been salvaged from Varvsstaden. Industrial lamps and old wired glass are given new life in the entrance. The original Kockums colour palette helps to retain the building's character. Since each room has a different floor plan, the interiors had to be adapted accordingly.

"Each room is remodelled and furnished individually, providing a wonderful atmosphere. We'll most likely get many regulars wanting to book 'their' room," said Öman. "Just measuring up 97 bespoke sets of curtains, with no two the same, was quite a feat."

The shipyard, which Kockums acquired in 1870, was Malmö's largest workplace for many years. Many Malmö residents have personal memories of the area, and there are strong local ties. Forenom says it is extremely pleased to be able to offer a new lease of life to an important part of Malmö's cultural heritage.

"Kockums was an important workplace in its day, and the first company in Skåne to recruit outside labour. Now we're following in their footsteps with long-stay accommodation for people working somewhere other than their normal place of residence," said Måns Friberg, area director for sales at Forenom.


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