Extended stay conversion proposed for Duluth

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 19 March 2020


US: A building in downtown Duluth, Minnesota, could be transformed in to the city's first extended-stay hotel, aimed at serving hospital and construction workers.

A proposal has been lodged by developer Nick Christensen with the Duluth Planning Commission. If approved it will allow the creation of a six-unit hotel remodelled in a building currently standing at 808 E 2nd St. in Downtown Duluth.

Located in the heart of Duluth's medical district, the hotel would provide furnished units marketed to patients and employees of nearby hospitals Essentia Health and St. Lukes. Both hospitals are undergoing expansion projects and reconstruction.

Deputy director of Duluth Planning & Economic Development Adam Fulton said: "While it's important to us to continue to support our hotel industry, it's critical industry in Duluth, we also want to make sure we have opportunities within our neighbourhoods for people to really be able to experience the really great space we have in neighbourhoods throughout Duluth."

Fulton said the project is aimed at "people who are maybe coming to work at one of our medical institutions but they maybe aren't going to be long-term residents of Duluth and so they need something that is a little bit shorter than a full year lease, but a little bit longer than a week in a hotel".

"It's an effective use of our existing infrastructure and it's creating an opportunity for people to realise a part of Duluth's past and bring forth some things you wouldn't otherwise find in a brand new building," he added.

If the Planning Commission approves the request, the building permit application phase will come next.



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