Eastney Guesthouse to become aparthotel

Miles Hurley Miles Hurley Uploaded 27 February 2020


UK: A guesthouse in Dorset is set to convert some of its rooms into aparthotel units.

Uniquely, the stays are limited to no longer than 90 days, ensuring a continuing turnover of guests.

Dorset Council approved the conversion this week of the property, which was previously being run as a B&B. The 10-bedroom property will undergo a significant number of alterations in order to get the property to extended stay capacity. 

The group’s report to the council says that while the limit is at ninety days, they expect average stays will be much shorter.

The building will add a pair of two-bed units on the first floor, with three en-suites added on the second floor, with a communal/lounge area added as well. The building’s change is in direct response to request for self-contained extended stay opportunities.  

This is not the only major change coming to the property, with the hotel’s website dictating that the group is in the midst of committing to an eco-friendly initiative.

For more info about aparthotel conversions, check out our story about a Liverpool conversion here.


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