Cardiff Bay extended stay hotel set get go ahead

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 18 October 2018


UK: Plans to redevelop a Cardiff Bay hotel with 72 extended stay suites are poised for approval after receiving a recommendation from planning officers.

If approved, a one-storey section on the northern side of the Holiday Inn on Atlantic Wharf, which includes a restaurant area and entrance canopy, would be demolished. A six-storey extension would then be built on the northern side, with a further five-storey extension built on the western side of the building.

The number of existing hotel bedrooms would be reduced from 87 to 79.

The report to be considered by Cardiff's planning committee reads: "The extension would have a flat roof design with walls finished in colour panels and vertical brick features on each elevation with white framed windows. The ground floor would be finished in white render. Glazed panel balconies are proposed to 16 of the suites near the dock. Extended stay suites have bathrooms and kitchen facilities and are intended to accommodate employees working away from home, temporary employees, people new to the city looking for permanent accommodation as well as tourists.

"The cost of the accommodation in extended stay suites will decrease with length of stay. The extended stay suites will have separate lobby/reception area from the existing hotel. Notwithstanding the various objections raised, the proposal as amended complies with the council's policies and supplementary planning guidance on residential amenity and car parking standards. The proposal makes efficient use of land in a well-designed scheme that positively contributes to the provision of additional hotel accommodation and the economy of the city in a sustainable location on a brownfield site," it added.


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