BridgeStreet to support growth with new offices

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 25 January 2018


US: BridgeStreet says its launch as the first OTA dedicated to business travel has sparked unprecedented growth for the company.

It says has added nearly 120,000 serviced apartments, homes and extended-stay hotels around the globe to the platform, spurring demand for regional growth. BridgeStreet will invest in a 20 per cent increase of sales and support staff in key growth areas.

"While technology enabled this industry revolution, it is our teammates who ensure that quests and clients receive the support they need when they travel or book business travel," said chief technology officer, Aaron Turner. "Being part of the local community and using technology to support those relationships is an important part of the customer experience." To support the growth, BridgeStreet will open new offices in regions that are home to many of's clients including:

United States
• Mountain View, CA
• Dallas
• Atlanta
• Boston
• Seattle/Portland
• DC, New York (Expanding)

Europe (EMEA)
• Brussels
• Milan
• Munich
• Frankfurt
• Paris

The company will also announce a major tool for uploading property units to next month. The new Content API will help suppliers streamline property uploads to the platform.

"Consumers and guests shape technology," said Turner. "It is our job to try and keep up with their needs by directly responding to guests and making it as easy as possible for travel managers. We're excited to be at the forefront of this industry, shepherding new developments and big technology that shapes how business travels and how our suppliers win in this market. It's definitely an exciting time."


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