BridgeStreet reveals “digital nomad” research

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 12 July 2015


US: BridgeStreet Global Hospitality has conducted its latest research into global professionals' preferences when it comes to living and working remotely.

The company's forthcoming BridgeStreet IQ Report: Digital Nomads was announced last week at the Serviced Apartment Summit in London, featuring insights from a poll of more than 30,000 professionals globally.

BridgeStreet says: "While more than half of respondents are tethered to an office, an overwhelming 75 per cent would choose to embark on a digital nomad lifestyle, choosing a well-equipped, private home office in a chic, downtown apartment as their dream workspace, passing up exotic beaches, secluded cabins and bustling coffee shops. Not surprising, considering professionals' biggest office woe is unscheduled time sucks, from last-minute meetings and needy interns to micromanaging bosses draining productivity."

"An overwhelming 83 per cent prefer serviced apartments as their digital nomads headquarters, enjoying the benefits of a home with the amenities of a hotel. With the ideal length of stay as one to six months, digital nomads prefer the freedom, space and amenities serviced apartments offer, even solving long-term travellers' biggest concern -- sticking to a diet or nutrition plan -- with fully equipped kitchens," said the report.

Other findings include:
• London reins king over Sydney, Paris and Chicago as the top city of choice for digital nomads
• Although the greatest perceived benefit is "flexible hours," 65 percent of professionals think they'd clock more hours as a digital nomad
• Comedian Tina Fey is applauded as the best digital nomad roommate; Kimye bottoms out as the worst
• Top tech gear for capturing the digital nomad lifestyle includes a smart phone and selfie stick, drone and Ricoh Theta 360

"With headlines featuring relaxed remote working policies becoming more frequent, it's apparent digital nomads are changing the face of the global workforce," noted BridgeStreet's VP of marketing, Kelly Murphy. "We prioritise staying on the cutting edge of emerging trends, translating that information into an intuitive guest experience. With 50,000 spacious, fully furnished apartments across the globe, BridgeStreet is the ideal accommodations solution for digital nomads, meeting every need from wifi to a fully equipped kitchen."


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