Brand refresh for Forenom

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 27 April 2018


Finland: The Nordic region’s biggest corporate housing provider Forenom has refreshed its brand identity.

The company says that by strengthening the brand, Forenom aims to respond to changes in the accommodation market and further accelerate its fast growth in the Nordic countries.

In 18 years, Forenom has grown from a one-man company into the Nordic market leader. In addition to strong organic growth, Forenom has accelerated its expansion through acquisitions, with all acquired companies now being brought under the new Forenom brand.

The objective of the new brand identity is to create a simple, unified Forenom brand, while raising the awareness of the entire industry. To highlight the ease of services, the company selected a new tag line, "stay easy".

"We want the new brand identity to communicate our pioneering approach to home-like accommodation and digital technology, as well as the extremely hard work our team does to serve our customers every day. For example, it is routine for us to find and furnish an apartment according to a client's needs in just one day. We want to let our great, can-do spirit show to the outside world as well," said Johannes Kangas, CEO of Forenom.

The brand renewal covers Forenom's mission, slogan, manifesto and visual identity, including its logo, brand images, colours, fonts and graphic elements. Forenom collaborated with BOND Creative Agency to help redesign the identity. BOND is operating worldwide with offices in Helsinki, Dubai, London and Tallinn.

"Our aim was to create a brand that communicates the ease of stay but, at the same time, differentiates Forenom in global competition. In the new identity, the 'simple brand' thinking - referring to the goal of simplifying and clarifying things as much as possible - is combined with a unique and unconventional symbol," said Arttu Salovaara, managing director of BOND Creative Agency.


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