Ascott to introduce futureproofing solutions for post COVID-19 travel

Miles Hurley Miles Hurley Uploaded 28 May 2020


Singapore: The Ascott Limited serviced residence has announced the introduction of a variety of measures designed to promote growth in the aftermath of the global pandemic.

The company’s serviced residences will be reconfigured to include a variety of trends, including the popularity of working from home, new health and safety concerns, and the world’s continuing digitisation.

Ascott is planning to redesign the workspace areas in its apartments to improve productivity. These additions include extra task lighting, appropriate wall features for videoconferencing, and extra space.

The company is also hoping to use digital technologies to improve convenience and safety. Contactless services and thermal scanning are suggested by the business to help improve the safety of the establishments going forward.

Kevin Goh, CEO of The Ascott Limited and Chief Executive Officer, Lodging, for CapitaLand Group, said: “We continue to be the accommodation of choice by providing a safe haven for our guests who have placed their trust in Ascott. To cement Ascott’s position as a dominant lodging player and deliver more value for our guests and business partners, we are taking steps to ready Ascott for a post COVID-19 landscape.” 

Ascott is also introducing a nine-point plan to improve their cleanliness protocols. Named Ascott Cares, the plan is committed to compliance with both WHO standards and various local regulations and will be implemented starting in June.  

This future proofing is good news for Ascott, whose earlier plans to expand into India were delayed by the pandemic. The company has also been providing lodging for key workers internationally, as well as those affected by border closures.


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