ASAP launches serviced apartment sector salary survey

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 12 May 2016


UK: ASAP has launched the first sector-specific salary survey for the serviced apartment and aparthotel sector.

The survey was launched in response to demand from ASAP members who have been using hotels salary surveys as remuneration benchmarks and suggested the need of a salary survey specifically for the sector.
The survey, which will be updated annually, is designed to "provide a remuneration benchmark for serviced apartment organisations and ultimately provide the industry with the ability to design and implement competitive reward strategies".

The data was collected from a total of 29 ASAP member companies and the salary information was published for job titles with at least three salary submissions. In total, salaries for 42 positions in eight areas were published, which include bonuses and commission. Areas covered include housekeeping, front office, maintenance, sales and marketing, revenue and reservations, IT, finance, and human resources.

The research found that finance controllers command the highest average salary in London, with an average of£53,123.97, while the highest average salary in other UK areas is for head of revenue management at £47,333.

The highest noted salary in this survey was for sales manager, at £97,500, which ASAP says can be explained by the high OTE potential in London.

Operation managers in London are offered the highest average salary of £37,373.00. The highest maximum wage noted for this role is £60,600 and is also located in London. The minimum pay for this job in London is £28,000 which is the same as the minimum pay in other UK areas.

London offers the highest average salaries for all the 42 roles.

In other UK areas, 14 companies have reported a salary per hour for housekeeping attendants compared with six entries from London providers. The survey says: "One may assume that companies operating outside London have a tendency to hire those employees on an hourly basis but further data and analysis would be needed to demonstrate this propensity. It is worth noting that the salaries are based on all types of serviced apartment providers therefore the higher salaries are usually for luxury and bigger providers with smaller and independent companies offering lower salary levels. All salaries are for full time positions - apart from salaries per hour-and include bonus and commissions."


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