Aparthotel firm secures jobs with new finance package

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 27 March 2020


UK: Walker & Williams, which owns and operates four aparthotels in the north-west of England, has secured a five figure finance package from Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking.

The company will use the funding to support cashflow and help secure jobs for all of its 50 team members, based at its sites in Preston, Chester and Ormskirk.

Walker & Williams, which has remained opened to cater to a small number of guests including service personnel, visiting Ministry of Defence staff and a family that recently lost its home to fire, says it has also taken the quieter period as an opportunity to give back to its local community.

It recently launched a dedicated service from its headquarters in Preston to help vulnerable or elderly people who are unable to leave the house during the Coronavirus crisis. This included hotel staff picking up and delivering groceries, collecting medicine or any other practical support that staff could reasonably provide.

Max Walker-Williams, founder and director at Walker & Williams, said: “Walker & Williams is a family which means that, no matter how long this goes on for, we are not willing to let a single member of our team go. While the hotels are quiet, we’ve been able to shift our focus and help support our local community.

“Lloyds Bank has been instrumental in this, by providing us with the additional cashflow we needed to secure jobs. This has given our staff peace of mind so they can meet their commitments and look after their families. Lloyds Bank has been incredibly quick to respond to our request for support. The approval came less than 18 hours after we asked for it and was independent of government commitments," he added.

Dale Parkinson, real estate relationship manager for Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking, said: “These are unprecedented times for business owners, concerned not only about their own family’s wellbeing, but also that of their employees.That’s why we’re proud to be supporting Max and businesses like Walker & Williams to not only secure the company’s future, but also to stand by staff during this time. As customers continue to face into uncertainty, we want to provide the reassurance that Lloyds Bank will by their side, providing the working capital they need to get them through this.”



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