Airbnb listings to differentiate between private and business hosts

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 30 October 2016


US: Airbnb listings will soon be able to include additional information to inform guests if they are staying in a private home or a property owned by a professional landlord.

Airbnb has introduced a mandatory requirement for hosts to reveal whether the property is a private home or a unit operated as part of a professional business.

Airbnb said: "Most of the listings on Airbnb are hosts' personal spaces, which means they have personal furnishings and belongings. We know many Airbnb guests are looking for accommodations that have these personal touches. To make sure guests know what to expect in the space, we will now ask hosts to specify whether their listing is a personal home or not. Some Airbnb hosts personally interact with their guests and it is an important part of the experience. We will now ask hosts to specify whether they are a host who socialises with guests or not."

Among other non-obligatory new information sections, hosts will be able to specify whether they are using the services of property managers, friends, family or other individuals to help them manage their Airbnb hosting activities.


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