Adagio launches The Circle aparthotel concept

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 03 August 2018


France: Aparthotels Adagio has launched The Circle, a new concept to “redefine the aparthotel spaces based on customer desire and usage”.

Based on in-depth customer research The Circle is being launched throughout Aparthotels Adagio.

The company says: "The objective of this new concept is to redefine the aparthotel spaces based on customer desire and usage, bringing a modern and flexible style available at different times of the day. The Circle ensures that all guests can enjoy both shared and private space at their own convenience and as they desire."

Called The Circle to symbolise "the spirit of community it creates", it is based on three pillars:
• Redesigned spaces that create new functions (a library of objects to borrow, shared kitchen, grocery store, etc) original or simply useful
• Events such as weekly aperitifs or Dinner@Adagio, which all guests can enjoy
• Shared guest experiences led by the Adagio team, designed to generate "moments to remember" when strangers meet to enjoy the events and each other

The common areas have been redesigned by the Adagio team putting clients and employees at the centre of their planning. The original Circle concept has been guest-tested and developed further at the Adagio Paris Bercy Village where guests and visiting neighbours were invited to enjoy the premises and give feedback which was used for further improvements.

With The Circle, each Aparthotel Adagio now offers complimentary services to encourage interaction between guests but also between those guests and hotel staff.

"Our primary goal was to put the benefits and opportunities of each unique location at the heart of the customer experience," said Karim Malak, Adagio's deputy chief executive officer. "The process undertaken to create The Circle was above everything listening to our customer, in order to offer them a service and a living environment more attuned to their expectations as they arrive and throughout their stay. Thanks to this new concept, we now offer our guests a complete and unique experience with an apartment that remains their own personal space but with common areas. Guess can now dip in or out according to their own needs. They can now enjoy a unique and customisable hosting experience in a more user-friendly living space, allowing them to meet new travellers should they desire."

The concept will be deployed with several interior design agencies. Six Adagio Aparthotels are now fully in operation and 23 establishments will have been redesigned by the end of 2018.


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