Amsterdam to halve maximum home rental period

George Sell By George Sell
10 January 2018 | Updated 10 January 2018

Netherlands: Amsterdam city council has halved the number of days people can rent out their homes via holiday rental platforms like Airbnb from 60 to 30 days.

The city's executive board decided on Wednesday to back the measure, which was put forward by housing alderman Laurens Ivens, and which will come in to force in 2019.

"I recognise that reducing the length of time is not the solution to city congestion but it will reduce the problems caused by tourists in some areas and will make it less inviting to use your home as a way to earn money," said Ivens.

Hosts who own their own home or who have permission from their landlord can currently rent their home out for 60 nights a year. They have to register with the council and can have no more than four people staying in the property.

A report last year in the newspaper Trouw claimed almost 5,000 Amsterdam apartments, houses and houseboats are permanently rented out to tourists and a further 1,000 owners break other rules, such as allowing more than four guests at one time.

Airbnb disputed the claim, saying fewer than five per cent of the Amsterdam apartments on offer break the rules.

Its public policy manager Bo de Koning reacted to the ruling by saying: "The Airbnb community - which consists of 19,000 Amsterdam hosts - is disappointed by your announcement this morning to favour big hotels over local families who occasionally share their homes. Further restricting the rights of regular people to share their homes could take €43 million out of the local economy and drive more guests into crowded tourist hotspots. Such a move is also legally untenable according to legal experts, as it disproportionately infringes Amsterdammers' rights to property and the freedom to provide services."

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