Airbnb partners with WeWork

George Sell By George Sell
05 October 2017 | Updated 05 October 2017

US: Airbnb is launching a pilot programme with WeWork to provide its travellers with services typically found in hotel business centres.

Seen as a bid to lure business travellers away from hotels and encourage them to stay in Airbnb properties, the companies will start with six cities: Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Washington, London and Sydney. Airbnb guests in these cities can use WeWork's co-working spaces while they are travelling for business.

"We all know part of living includes working, so if an Airbnb guest is looking for a collaborative environment or space to host meetings while traveling for work, we want to provide them with options," said David Holyoke, global head of Airbnb for Work. "Right now, we're piloting a programme with WeWork to connect Airbnb travellers with WeWork spaces and amenities."

Dina Berrada, WeWork's vice president of product, said: "The way people work is changing. The way people travel for work is changing. Business travel is becoming less about being a road warrior and more about aligning professional and personal needs. At WeWork, we put a premium on human connections and the lasting sense of community that those connections can bring. Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences. We hope this partnership builds meaningful connections for our members and their guests and provides them with unique and authentic business travel experiences."

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