Cycas Hospitality introduces national living wage for all staff

George Sell George Sell Uploaded 10 May 2016


UK: Cycas Hospitality has introduced the national living wage for all full-time UK employees irrespective of age.

Cycas culture coach Janet Roberts said: "Our decision to pay the National Living Wage to all full-time staff is part of the larger picture for Cycas. Our new internal HR strategy will be at the cutting edge of the hospitality industry's approach to staff management. We believe that if we are fair to staff they will repay our investment by supporting brand standards and embedding the Cycas spirit and culture into the work ethos. As a result, we build teams who deliver a 'positively outrageous service'."

"To create loyal ambassadors, we base recruitment on an open group interview process. Applicants participate in various role plays and games, with staff being employed for the personality and enthusiasm which they display. Being able to offer the National Living Wage is the cherry on the cake for 'Hiring the smile'. Many of our new recruits are millennials so communication is important. It's all about hands on coaching not managing.  Staff development needs to happen in real time, not just at quarterly meetings.  Mobile devices, which were once used for recreation, are becoming an active part of working life enabling continuous interaction," she added.
The company encourages cross training and develops programmes in which employees embark on a personal journey - a performance review process, allowing them to set their own objectives and measure their achievements. All employees are also encouraged to join a closed Facebook group, enabling them to engage with one another and the company owners; and share individual and company successes.


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