Lockstate launches WiFi enabled commercial smart lock aimed at serviced apartment buildings

George Sell By George Sell
19 February 2016 | Updated 19 February 2016

UK: Lockstate has launched the Remotelock 6i smart lock, suitable for a range of commercial applications including serviced apartments.

The company says there is an emerging trend among accommodation providers to provide keyless access to their properties. "Wi-Fi enabled keypad smart locks remove the need for physical keys or cards. Whilst mechanical keypad locks are not new, by adding Wi-Fi connectivity the dumb lock becomes a smart lock that will save the owner, time, money and hassle," it says.

It describes the Lockstate Remotelock 6i as the only commercial Wi-Fi smart lock designed for the accommodation market.

SmarterHome, the sole European distributor of the Remotelock 6i, says: "Guest access needs to be simple and reliable and this is where electronic keypad locks have an advantage over smartphone operated and biometric locks, which are prone to problems.  Each guest is assigned a unique 4 to 10 digit access code for the duration of their stay, and this is all they require to enter their apartment. It could not be simpler."

Guest user codes can be generated in several ways:
• Online through the 'SmartCONNECT' management portal. This is an enterprise dashboard web application where an owner can view, manage and control all their locks and other connected devices, like thermostats, cameras and plugs in all of their properties anywhere in the World.
• Smartphone app, most of the portal functionality is available using the accompanying IOS and Android app.
• Custom integration with booking platforms like Airbnb enable access codes to be generated in the background with no involvement from the owner. Guests can even specify their own access code.

The Remotelock 6i operates over existing Wi-Fi, no additional hub or bridge is required. The lock is battery operated and has a heartbeat feature that can extend the battery life for up to a year. If the Wi-Fi goes down the lock will continue to operate as normal. Up to 1000 user codes can be stored and assigned schedules.

All use of the lock is logged in the portal and email alerts can be sent when certain codes are used, so operators know exactly when guests have arrived at the apartment.

"The Remotelock 6i firmware is updated remotely via Wi-Fi with no action required by the owner. The smartCONNECT web portal is under constant development and improvement and users are encouraged to submit feature requests. In Q2 2016 the portal will support integration with other smart home tech products," says SmarterHome.

Stuart Duncan, owner and director of SmarterHome, said: "The Remotelock 6i is particularly suited to serviced apartments as it gives the guest convenience by having keyless, keypad access, and it saves the apartment owner time, money and hassle as there is no key handover and guest access is restricted to the duration of their stay".


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