Survey reveals guest concerns over clean bedding

George Sell By George Sell
11 February 2016 | Updated 11 February 2016

UK: A new survey has revealed that more than 80 per cent of guests are concerned by how often bedding is washed when deciding where to book overnight accommodation.

Almost half (45 per cent) said they have been disappointed by the cleanliness of a hotel's bedding, comparing it unfavourably with home. The study, commissioned by The Fine Bedding Company Hotel Division, also found more than 90 per cent of guests expect hotels to wash their duvets and pillows at least once a month. Of these 51 per cent expect hotel duvets and pillows to be laundered weekly or even daily.
Having seen the survey results The Fine Bedding Company Hotel Division commissioned a washability test to see how products measure up.
The test used an independent lab to test its hotel bedding range, featuring Smartfil, against the industry's leading competitors trialling 20 washes and dries in commercial machines. It says its range of duvets, pillows, mattress protectors and mattress enhancers outperformed competitors when washed at 60° and dried over 20 washes. Duvets and pillows were tested for cleanliness, ability to reform and revive their shape.
Kevin Swart, head of hotel projects at The Fine Bedding Company Hotel Division, said: "We know how important cleanliness is for hotel guests but it can provide a headache for hotels. Repeated washing at high temperatures can reduce the life cycle of bedding, making it less cost-effective over time. This independent test gave us peace of mind that we exceeding the industry standard and the needs of customers."
"When we asked hoteliers what they looked for in their hotel bedding, most responded saying it needed to be practical and functional. It has to be stain resistant, anti allergy, it has to dry quickly, to fit in a commercial dryer and be light and easy for hotel staff to change. It also has to be soft and drape well. This is why synthetic filled bedding is hugely popular in the hospitality sector. It is easier to keep bedding squeaky clean for each and every guest while also being more cost-effective to manage. We're continually evolving our product to create that best of both worlds for hoteliers and their guests."
In the serviced apartment sector, City Apartments, the City of London's largest fully serviced short term corporate accommodation provider has specified king size Smartfil Air duvets and Smartfil Cluster pillows throughout its 220-strong estate.

David Smith, director of City Apartments, said: "Our clients are the institutions that can be found in the financial district of London, often senior executives who really appreciate a good night's sleep. Smartfil was the perfect choice for us because it combines high performance, practicality and is non allergenic but compares in quality to some of the finest natural products."

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