SACO releases Millennial traveller research

George Sell By George Sell
26 February 2015 | Updated 26 February 2015

UK: SACO The Serviced Apartment Company has released online research in to the travel behaviours and requirements of Millennial travellers.

Commissioned through YouGov, the survey of 2,000 British adults reveals that travellers are not primarily swayed by luxuries such as food and comfort but almost two thirds (62 per cent) that have travelled for business in the last two years place huge importance on a high-speed internet connection.
The survey found that Millennials (those aged between 18 and 34) are more likely to have travelled for business in the last two years than those aged 35 or over (25 and 15 per cent respectively), demonstrating "how important it is that companies and travel suppliers understand what this cohort need, want, and expect".
According to the survey results, 51 per cent of Millennial travellers who have travelled for either business or leisure in the past two years, value a high-speed broadband connection, compared to 39 per cent of older travellers, and 46 per cent of younger people are more enthusiastic about future innovations, with appetite for access to tech in rooms being notably higher than older age brackets.

Millennials are twice as likely as older people (11 per cent compared to five per cent), to associate serviced apartments with being sociable, so "it's no wonder that serviced apartment providers are focusing less on purely leisure facilities and instead creating 'blended' spaces suitable for both socialising and networking," according to SACO.
Ben Harper, sales director of SACO, said: "Our new research findings serve to underpin the travel behaviours of Millennials and consequently what we foresee for the future of business travel. SACO knows that by 2020, Millennials will represent over half the workforce, and therefore their insight into technological innovations and what they want from a serviced apartment is gold dust. We're considering these findings as we continue to expand and tailor our services to the modern traveller of today and tomorrow."

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