Awards: the business case

George Sell By George Sell
Uploaded 07 October 2015

Our sister publication Boutique Hotel News ran an interesting opinion piece a while back, by Chris Penn, who was then the GM of Flemings, a boutique hotel in London's Mayfair.

Chris is now the managing director of Ace Hotel London, and is one of the most vocal advocates for his sector, and particularly for recruiting new young talent to the hospitality industry.

Chris's article was bemoaning the fact that many hoteliers are reluctant to set winning industry awards as part of their business plan objectives, negating the kudos and recognition from peers and consumers alike that they can bring.

As we prepare to release more details of the first Serviced Apartment News Awards, I was reminded of the piece, and how its sentiment rings true for the serviced apartment sector too.

Click here to read Chris's article, and here to read more about the Serviced Apartment News awards.

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