Up close and personal with Charlie McCrow, The Apartment Service

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In the latest of a regular series, we find out what makes some of the leading figures in the serviced apartment and aparthotel sectors tick. This time, we spoke to Charlie McCrow, CEO of The Apartment Service.

The best part of my job is….
Looking ahead and trying to see the future so we avoid problems and seeing opportunities. Also seeing the growth, stability and loyalty within my team. Implementing and consolidating relationships and having longevity in the industry.

The most challenging part of my job is………
Coping with the volume of communications I get, on top of the extensive list of contractual documents I have to read….. Information overload! And having enough time for people

My biggest achievement in business is…….
Being able to let others run with their ideas and seeing the enthusiasm and passion they have to fulfil their visions too. Also the ability of being able to stick to it and stay with plans but adapting readily when they have to change, having built a solid foundation to withstand the inevitable rises and falls.

My biggest mistake in business was…….
Letting people take advantage of me.

If I wasn’t working in our industry I would like to have been a……
Marine biologist.

The best piece of advice anyone ever gave me was……
Do what you enjoy doing and you will not only be good at it but excel in it (my Dad). Know your true self first (Prem Rawat).

If I could tell my 18-year old self one thing it would be…….
Appreciate what you have and enjoy other people more – share values not just in words, but in actions.

The person I admire most in hospitality is…..
Richard Branson.

The person I admire most in history is…..
Henry Morton Stanley (Dr Livingstone I presume?)

I am surprisingly good at…..
DIY – and being a skipper.

I am surprisingly bad at……
Administration and poetry.

My perfect day off would be……
At sea – for my mind to get away and get a clear head in the tranquillity and being close to the elements.
An old Sanskrit proverb is ….“The gods do not deduct the time a man spends fishing from his lifespan”.


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