Quick Q&A: Charles Davies, Hyperoptic

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• Are serviced apartment providers keeping up with hotel chains when it comes to the latest in WiFi technology?

"Serviced apartment providers clearly recognise the need to differentiate their proposition against their hotel counterparts. Market reports state that they are often much cheaper than a hotel of the same standard and that they are also generally 30 per cent bigger than hotel rooms. The performance of their WiFi technology is aligned to their broadband provision and we are definitely seeing the serviced apartment industry taking a proactive lead in making sure they have the best service available."

"Hyperoptic has become renowned as a partner of choice for serviced apartment providers. Over the last few years we have been inundated with installation requests for our full fibre broadband, which enables symmetrical gigabit speeds - over 21 times faster than the UK average. Our customers range across the larger providers - SACO and Marlin for example - to smaller providers. No matter what the size of company the feedback is the same - having full fibre is a key point of difference over hotel chains and travellers are incredibly happy when they realise they have access to the fastest broadband available in the UK today for the duration of their stay."

• How important is fast broadband to longer stay serviced apartment guests and how do their usage patterns differ from short-stay leisure travellers?

"Usage patterns tend to differ depending on whether someone is staying for business or leisure. However, both types of resident are likely to want access to high bandwidth services, which means they need a reliable and fast connection. A leisure traveller will likely spend more time using video to speak to family and friends, and also uploading photos and videos to social media sites. A business traveller will heavily rely on real-time communications with suppliers and customers and probably use data-driven cloud-based business processes."

"However, understandably, without good quality connectivity, it's hard to convert a short-stay guest to a long stay. Travellers are unlikely to rebook or extend a stay in a serviced apartment that cannot meet their connectivity needs."

• How straightforward or complicated is it to retrofit the latest broadband tech in to an apartment block?

"We are experts in both retrofitting full fibre and installing it into new premises. The Hyperoptic engagement progresses, follows the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Plan of Work 2013 - we organise the process of managing, and designing building projects and administering building contracts into key work stages, across preparation, design, construction and support. We work closely to ensure minimum disruption during the process."

• What do the next two to three years hold in terms of technological advancements?

"The PropTech market is incredibly exciting. Once a serviced apartment has full fibre installed, it forms the foundation so that apps and tech can seamlessly connect and run over the top. Customers are used to a 'smart home' and they will want and appreciate access to the same experience when staying in a serviced apartment, such as using connected home entertainment systems, smart thermostats, smart assistants and access to IPCCTV (digital video cameras that receive control data and send image data via the internet)."


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