Everything to gain - the business case for industry awards

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"Not another set of industry awards!" I hear you cry… All that extra work (and cost) collating the entry, navigating a labyrinthine website to up-load the submission, veiled threats from the MD if you don't win and then, on the night, the angst while waiting for the winner to be announced.

Is it all worth it? Do the extra sales, awareness, cachet generate the required Return on Investment for all that sweat and toil? Then there's the motivational power of an award win; that magic moment when your company name is announced, applause breaks out across the room and you catch sight of your major competitor wearing a death's head, rictus grin to disguise their disappointment. Like the telly commercial says - priceless.

The fact is, awards are good for business. Good for attracting and retaining clients (everyone wants to be on the winning team) and good for making the staff feel ten feet tall (same reason). As an award-winner your brand is a player; a real industry powerhouse. And you have the evidence to prove it.

Winning awards build a brand's reputation because it denotes achievement. Reputation alone doesn't build trust, but an award is a tool for building that trust. What better proof of capability when completing an RFP could there be?

The cost of entering any industry awards isn't always cheap, but the ROI is also measured in the buzz a win creates through social media, PR and other channels.

So now we've established the fact that entering awards are worth the effort, how do you decide which awards to apply for and does it really impact your business?

In the serviced apartment sector there is no shortage of awards you can enter. And yet none of these events has been created especially for the serviced apartment and extended stay sectors. There isn't one set of awards where entry is open to every operator, agent, alliance and suppliers to the sector. None that recognise excellence at corporate and individual levels.

Until now that is. Next March, Serviced Apartment News is staging the first-ever Serviced Apartment Awards - your industry initiative to collectively grow the sector. 20 award categories will cover the full range of activities in the sector, from best marketing campaign and best use of social media, to best extended stay hotel, best apart-hotel, best short term rental and best branded residence.

Each award will be judged by a panel of industry experts drawn from the investor, operator, supplier and corporate buyer communities. Entering will be brief, simple - and quick. Not to mention FREE.
The winners will be announced at a glittering event at a central London venue attended by up to 400 industry colleagues and peers, and you're invited to join us as we celebrate success. 

So go on, you've got nothing to lose -and everything to gain. Determine what success looks like for your organisation, include winning awards in your business plan and set your team goals and objectives to inspire further achievements - winning awards that are important to your target audience can be a powerful marketing tool.

Read Ricky Kapoor's response from a serviced apartment owner's perspective - the value of awards depends on the award itself.


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