BBF commits to expansion says Joel Vanmellaert

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Combining the largest portfolio of conveniently located apartments in Brussels with outstanding service at competitive rates, Brussells Business Flats continues to enhance its market position as a major force in the realm of serviced apartments.

The company, established in 1992 and with a comprehensive selection of over 1500 properties in Brussels as well as a portfolio of apartments in Budapest, has clearly defined ambitions:

"Our aim is to keep on expanding to shape the landscape of temporary housing in Brussels and other European cities. This allows us to serve our customers even better" explains BBF's Managing Director Joël Vanmellaert, as the company continues to bolster its territorial reach, whilst also consolidating its niche focus around servicing the ever-changing needs of the expat community in Brussels.

Attending industry events is integral to BBF's marketing, operational and growth strategies, and its recent participation at the Business Travel Show 2015 (BTS) at London's iconic Olympia venue is intrinsic to that process. Furthermore, participation at BTS culminated in BBF establishing membership of the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP), the not-for-profit association representing serviced apartment providers paves the way for compliance with ASAP's Quality Assessment criteria, giving corporate clients the assurance of adherence to legal, health and safety, and quality standards.

This sets the pace for the company's forthcoming participation in other key serviced apartments sector events, notably Monde Expat; EuRA and the Serviced Apartment Summit inc Extended Stay.

Summarising its auspicious outlook, BBF's Marketing Manager Bernard Kerkhof says "the future looks bright as BBF is becoming the number one choice for many companies when choosing accommodation for their employees".


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