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September 9th: 14:00 - 15:00hrs BST - Serviced apartments and extended stay 2025: what will the industry look like?

A panel of industry experts look ahead to 2025 and predict how the sector will evolve in terms of investment, consolidation, physical product, guest profile and behaviour, distribution and more.

Hosted by George Sell, editor-in-chief, IHM in conversation with:
Ben Davis, co-founder, Saxbury
Mark Skinner, partner, The Highland Group
Tom Meertens, COO international, National Corporate Housing

• October 6th: 14:00 - 15:00hrs BST - Sustainability - why isn't it being talked about in the serviced apartment sector?

Sustainability, energy efficiency and ESG investing are hot topics right across the real estate and travel space, but they are rarely mentioned in conjunction with serviced apartments. Why is this and how can it be changed?

Hosted by George Sell, editor-in-chief, IHM in conversation with:
James Fry, founder, Beyond Aparthotels
Veronica Broomes, director, Excel Property Partners
Jacob Wedderburn-Day, CEO Stasher and co-founder, Treepoints
Sir Richard Rowley, CEO, Mansley Serviced Apartments

• October 21st: 14:00 - 15:00 hrs BST - The corporate housing market - how has it recovered and what are the prospects?

Corporate housing took a hammering during the pandemic as business travel practically ground to a halt and relocations slowed significantly. To what extent has the sector recovered and what does the future hold?

Hosted by George Sell, editor-in-chief, IHM in conversation with: tbc

• November 18th: 14:00 - 15:00hrs GMT - New kids on the block - three new brands in the aparthotel/serviced apartment sector in the spotlight

The last 18 months has been an extraoridnary and difficult time to launch a new brand in the sector, but that hasn't dissuaded both new entrants to the market and established players from taking the plunge. We talk to three of them about their experiences.

Hosted by George Sell, editor-in-chief, IHM in conversation with: tbc

• December 2nd: 14:00 - 15:00hrs GMT - The extended stay/residential rental crossover

With extended stay guests looking to stay for longer, and BTR operators offering minimum lengths of stay as little as three months, is there sweet spot where serviced apartments and BTR are servicing the same guests? Will the lines blur even further in the future?

Hosted by George Sell, editor-in-chief, IHM in conversation with: tbc

• December 9th: 14:00 - 15:00hrs GMT - SAN Trends Webinar

Our annual look at the year ahead and the trends we believe will shape the future direction of the sector.

Hosted by George Sell, editor-in-chief, IHM in conversation with: tbc


Challenges and opportunities for travel buyers in the "future different"

With procurement and supplier teams’ human resources depleted due to furlough and talent loss, companies are increasingly looking to outsource onboarding. In this context co-sourcing is the partnership between buying organisation and service provider that creates the processes providing customised support across different stakeholders. In this session you will learn about the benefits, challenges of opportunities of co-sourcing, plus how co-sourcing:

  • Delivers a more consistent approach process, policy, compliance and use of technology, especially when managing a global programme.
  • Delivers richer data to inform decision-makings.
  • Engages with internal and external stakeholders, collating data from different providers yourself.
  • Optimises aggregated spend.
  • Streamlines suppliers by reducing additional internal administration cost.

Hosted by Mark Harris, Managing Director, Travel Intelligence Network in conversation with:

Linda Bekoe, CEO, APLBC

Carol Fergus, Director, Fidelity - Global Travel, Events and Ground Transportation


February 25th, 12:00 - 1300hrs: ENGAGE! - the long road back

How quickly will corporate travel bounce back from the consequences of Covid? Domestic business travel is predicted to recover quickly but how realistic are these predictions, and what about international travel?

 In this session we will discuss:

• Which markets will recover first – domestic vs international
• Which segments will return first & which are likely to be replaced by technology?
• Is it time for travel to be re-segmented – sales/client; essential/non-essential?
• What lessons can corporate travel learn from previous disruptions
• Which comparable industries are recovering more quickly and what lessons can we learn from them?

Hosted by Mark Harris, Director, Travel Intelligence Network in conversation with:
Clive Wratten, CEO, BTA
Lee Whiteing, ex-Global Travel Manager
Ana Gibson, GB Supply Manager – Travel, E1 Northern Europe, Hilti (Gt. Britain) Limited
Jo Layton, Director, CAP Worldwide

View the recording HERE

March 11th, 12:00 - 1300hrs: ENGAGE! - The New Different

Despite the recent U-turn on workers returning to their offices, many business travellers are itching to get back on the road. Covid-19 has changed the needs of the business traveller, so how should travel managers be re-tooling their programmes in readiness for business travel’s resumption?

In this session we will discuss:

• Travellers’ concerns and how to address them
• Greater focus on cost, risk and change management and impact on compliance.
• The importance of blending virtual with face-to-face within a travel programme
• Will only essential trips be approved in 2021?

Hosted by Mark Harris, Director, Travel Intelligence Network in conversation with:
Carol Fergus, Global Travel, Events and Ground Transportation, Fidelity
Jan Jacobsen, Strategic Travel and Meetings Specialist
Steve Banks, Chief Commercial Officer, Capita Travel and Events.
Trine Oestergaard, Managing Director, House of Fisher

View the recording HERE

March 18th, 14:00 - 1500hrs: - Serviced apartments and extended stay: the new darlings of the investment sector


You will learn:
How investor sentiment towards the sector has changed
Actual and potential new investor players in the space
A round-up of the latest deals and a look at those that could happen
The forthcoming wave of M&A

Hosted by Ben Davis, director at Saxbury, in conversation with:

Neil Short, development director - London, Staycity

Mariya Tsvetkova, investment associate, NREP

Vedrana Bilanovic Riley, Founder and CEO, Ciel Capital Ltd

George Sell, Editor-In-Chief, at International Hospitality Media

View the recording HERE

March 25th, 12:00 - 1300hrs GMT: ENGAGE! - Customer engagement in a post-Covid world

As business travel returns, it’s never been more important to provide travellers with the content and information they need. Furlough and downsizing will mean building new relationships and rebuilding old ones. How will these factors change the way customers and suppliers engage?

In this session we will discuss:
• The pandemic’s impact on customer loyalty and how can suppliers rebuild relationships?
• How have travellers’ needs changed since lockdown?
• Is managing customers face-to-face possible?
• How suppliers can meet traveller’s safety and wellbeing expectations
• What does best practice in traveller engagement look like for travel managers and suppliers?
• Which technology tools are now essential?

Hosted by Mark Harris, Director, Travel Intelligence Network in conversation with:

Richard Eades, Global Category Manager (Travel & Meetings), BP

Chris Galanty, Global CEO, Flight Centre’s Corporate Travel Divisions

Deborah Heather, Head of M Assessment Services, Director, Quality in Tourism

View the recording HERE

April 8th, 12:00 - 1300hrs BST: ENGAGE! - Out of adversity

Every crisis gives rise to innovation. Amidst the carnage caused by the pandemic, where will the opportunities be for start-ups and what will the impact be on more established providers. And what innovations will emerge in terms of products, service enhancements and value-adds?

In this session we will discuss: 

• Has Covid-19 given our industry the opportunity to reset and what should change?
• Which customer needs are currently under-serviced?
• Which travel sectors offer the greatest potential for innovation?
• Is it still all about virtual & digital?
• Will bleisure add more or less value to business trips?

Hosted by Mark Harris, Director, Travel Intelligence Network in conversation with:

Stephen Hanton, President - International, Synergy Corporate Housing
Steve Lowy, CEO, Anglo Educational Services and The Residences
Tony Matharu, CEO, Blue Orchid Hotels

View the recording HERE

April 15th, 14:00 - 1500hrs BST: - Evolving business models post-Covid

You will learn:

  • When and how will business travel return
  • Capitalising on increased awareness to boost leisure business
  • Marketing to new guest demographics
  • How distribution networks are being reshaped

Hosted by George Sell, editor-in-chief, IHM, in conversation with:
Larry Korman, president, aka

Ben Russell, acquisition and investment director, City ID

Trine Oestergaard, managing director, House of Fisher

Max Walker-Williams, founder and director, Walker & Williams

View the recording HERE

June 23rd: 14:00 - 15:00hrs BST: - The connectors: serviced apartment and corporate housing agents

You will learn:

  • How the role of agents has changed
  • What does the future hold for the agent/operator hybrid?
  • How agents are adapting to a new world of business travel
  • How technology will change the role of the agent

Hosted by George Sell, Editor-in-chief, IHM in conversation with:
• Jo Layton, director, CAP Worldwide
• Stephen Hanton, president, International, Synergy
Alex Neale, group head of partner relationships, SilverDoor

•Robert Alley, chief operating officer, Roomzzz

View the recording HERE

July 22nd: 14:00 - 1500hrs BST - Reinventing the landlord/operator relationship

You will learn:

  • How to structure fairer, more collaborative relationships
  • The death of the master lease and the rise of the hybrid lease
  • Management agreements come to the fore
  • The franchise of the future

Hosted by George Sell, editor-in-chief, IHM in conversation with:

• William Kirkpatrick, Head of Hotels, Gerald Eve
• Max Thorne, CEO, MRP Group
• Andrew Fowler, acquisitions director, edyn
• Alex van Pelt, UK and Ireland development manager, Adagio Aparthotels

View the recording HERE

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