11 February to 22 July 2021

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• February 11: Engage! - the long road back

How quickly will corporate travel bounce back from the consequences of Covid? Domestic business travel is predicted to recover quickly but how realistic are these predictions, and what about international travel?

• February 25: Engage! - the new different

Despite the recent U-turn on workers returning to their offices, many business travellers are itching to get back on the road. Covis-19 has changed the needs of the business traveller, so how should travel managers be re-tooling their programmes in readiness for business travel’s resumption?

• March 11: Engage! - customer engagement in a post-Covid world

As business travel returns, it’s never been more important to provide travellers with the content and information they need. Furlough and downsizing will mean building new relationships and rebuilding old ones. How will these factors change the way customers and suppliers engage?

• March 18: SAN - Serviced apartments and extended stay: the new darlings of the investment sector

• March 25: Engage! - out of adversity

Every crisis gives rise to innovation. Amidst the carnage caused by the pandemic, where will the opportunities be for start-ups and what will the impact be on more established providers. And what innovations will emerge in terms of products, service enhancements and value-adds?

• April 15: SAN - Changing business models post-Covid

• May 13: SAN - Serviced apartments and extended stay 2030: what will the industry look like?

• June 24: SAN - The connectors: serviced apartment and corporate housing agents

• July 22: SAN - Reinventing the landlord/operator relationship

William Kirkpatrick, Head of Hotels, Gerald Eve LLP


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