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• Back in April I wrote a feature about the increasing number of US apartment operators entering the UK and European markets. From conversations we had at last month's Serviced Apartment Summit Europe it seems this is a trend that is likely to continue for quite some time. Take Furnished Quarters, for instance. The New York-based operator is not only expanding across the US but is putting together a partner network of European operators to meet the demand generated both domestically and from its new London service centre. A move to operating on this side of the pond is also on the cards further down the line.

• Congratulations to Cycas Hospitality on its Best Employer award at the Cateys. The company has always had a progressive approach to its employees, employing a culture coach to ensure its 'Cycadettes' are engaged, happy and productive. The company has a very impressive 98 per cent staff retention rate - proof that it is doing things the right way. As CEO John Wagner says: "When we founded Cycas Hospitality a decade ago, we wanted to make our hotels the best places to work, as well as stay." The company is certainly delivering on its goals and is a great flag bearer for our sector.


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