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Thanks to The Apartment Service for letting us have a sneak preview of the industry research within its GSAIR report. It’s encouraging to see that global inventory has risen by 14.75 per cent since the last report was published in June 2018.

The total number of locations has grown by 17.5 per cent. In the previous period (July 2016 to June 2018) the growth was 22 per cent and 23.7 per cent respectively, so while the overall rate of growth has slowed slightly, the industry is still looking very healthy, particularly in Europe, which has seen a 25 per cent increase in the number of units available; Africa, which has seen a 36 per cent rise; and Asia, with 33 per cent.

Hotel group Accor group had the biggest growth in portfolio (48 per cent) in the past two years, mainly through the acquisition of the Mantra Group in Australasia.

Full figures and totals, offering the most detailed state of the industry report available, will be published in GSAIR 8 in February 2020.



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