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Awareness of mental health issues, and the sheer number of people they affect, has risen tremendously over the last few years.

Rather than being something that was often brushed under the carpet and frequently misunderstood, people are now encouraged to talk openly about their problems, and to seek help - help which is much more widely available than it ever has been. The stigma attached to the issue is gradually evaporating.

Hospitality as an industry can be particularly hard for those with mental health problems. It can be a relentless, high pressure sector, with the added strain for many of having to present a consistent welcoming and cheerful front to guests. Now there is also the added factor of very real concerns over job security. The industry is responding and there are some great initiatives out there, but there is plenty more that can and should be done.

Read more about the situation and what hospitality is doing to address it in Miles Hurley's article here.



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