Corporate housing plays catch up

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Finding and booking somewhere to stay for leisure - and increasingly business - travel has become easy and convenient with the rise of the OTAs, Airbnb and other platforms and the money they have invested in the technology necessary to make the booking process as frictionless as possible.

The residential and corporate housing space has lagged in this regard, but there is a new wave of operators increasingly catering to this market - although many of them, such as Domio and Sonder, eschew the term operators and prefer to describe themselves as proptech companies.

Airbnb’s participation in the Series B round for Zeus Living, which provides furnished homes for professionals and has an average length of stay of three months, is a significant milestone for the company, the sector and Airbnb’s presence in business travel.

Kulveer Taggar, CEO and co-founder at Zeus says: “Finding housing is stressful and time-consuming for both individuals and employers. As someone who has moved countries four times, I’ve lived through that tension. Zeus Living has built technology to remove complexity from housing, turning it into a service that enables a more mobile world. This new funding enables us to advance this mission on a larger scale."

To find out more, click here to watch an exclusive SAN video interview with Taggar, shot last week in New York City.


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