WATG releases research paper ahead of Serviced Apartment Summit

George Sell By George Sell
06 July 2015 | Updated 06 July 2015

UK: International design consultancy WATG has published its latest white paper, called Serviced Apartments: Checking in for the long term

The paper charts the rise of the sector, its shifting customer profiles, and increasing acceptance in the investment community. It then features a detailed comparison of the how a serviced apartment development in London stacks up financially compared with a traditional hotel on the same site, analysing build cost, operating performance and ROI.

The paper then goes on to look at design in the serviced apartment sector, and how it is likely to evolve in the future.

Rob Sykes, senior associate at WATG, said: "WATG and Wimberley Interiors work with developers at the very early stages of concept, with the Strategy team running the numbers and assessing viability, feeding into the architects who work out how best to configure buildings, and our interiors studio who design functional, creative and exciting properties around the world. Increasingly clients have been coming to us with an ambition to undertake serviced apartment/aparthotel projects. Some know the product well, others are dipping their toes in for the first time, and others are just tentatively explore the opportunity. Either way, this particular form of lodging is on a clear upwards trajectory and as one of the world's leading hospitality design firms we are excited about the prospect of helping the evolutionary process - delivering highly viable, experiential, and innovative properties for our clients in the coming years."

Sykes will be discussing some of the paper's findings at next week's Serviced Apartment Summit in London.

Click here to download a copy of the WATG report.


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