So! Apart awards celebrated in Berlin

George Sell By George Sell
24 November 2015 | Updated 24 November 2015

Germany: The third annual So! Apart conference took place in Berlin last week, with the event’s awards ceremony taking place on Thursday evening.

The highlight of the conference was the SO!APART Awards ceremony.

The winners of the four jury and two audience awards were:

Small and precious category: The Red, Dusseldorf
Grand and great category: iPartment, Frankfurt/Main
New and different category: Frederics Serviced Apartments Style Oranienburgerstrasse, Berlin
International category: Visionapartments Zurich
Audience small development category: Schoenhouse Studios, Berlin
Audience large development category: Schoenhouse Apartments, Berlin

The jury awards were chosen by judges Sylvie Konzack (editor of First Class), Anja Nielitz (regional travel manager Capgemini Germany Holding GmbH), Dirk Gerdom (vice president global mobility SAP and chairman of the VDR), Oliver Graue (editor, BizTravel), Sabine Galas (chief editor, Business Traveller), Till Runte (CEO, Certified GmbH & Co. KG) and Anett Gregorius (CEO of Boardinghouse Consulting and operator of Apartmentservice).

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