ASAP to roll out quality assessment programme

George Sell By George Sell
30 September 2014 | Updated 30 January 2017

UK: The Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP) is to promote its Quality Assessment (QA) programme beyond members and direct to customers.

James Foice, managing director, said the decision was taken after "a highly successful initial accreditation phase" among ASAP's members.
Foice said; "98% will have successfully completed the programme by November and the feedback has been tremendous. Members recognise the importance of legal and statutory obligations, health and safety and that any property is accurately and appropriately marketed, and this provides a high level of confidence for guests booking a serviced apartment."
"ASAP's QA standard also has applications abroad, and I'm delighted that a major serviced apartment operator in Amsterdam, Your Amsterdam Housing, has joined the Association specifically to benefit from the QA initiative," added Foice, who said that he had been in discussions with "a number of agents wishing to support the accreditation scheme by only offering ASAP-accredited apartments to their clients".

"We encourage agents, and indeed all other channels in this fast-growing sector, who wish to work with quality assured ASAP operators to contact us, as our long term aim is to make ASAP QA the 'kitemark' for the wider serviced apartment sector in the UK and beyond," he said.

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